Internal Territories

Territories within Shadewood

Mysterious and lush, Shadewood is the epitome of nature's secret side. The forest is crafted from the dense growth of vegetation and woodworks alike, host to a cornucopia of wonders. Fruit bearing trees and hideaway coves litter scandalously throughout the gorgeous woods, with dutiful voyaging being able to unlock the tucked away beauties.

Within this realm of quiet life, many things can be heard if listened to, closely. Distant crashes of water and uncommon bird calls resonate softly. Dare you seek them out?

This forest keeps itself well insulated, greenhouse effect retaining the warmth of the penetrating sunrays, keeping soil moist and trees well fed. Resulting of such, life blooms within the shades and beams alike, lifting the populace of prey, and inviting their counterparts just as equally.

1. Balconi Escapade   2. Verona Bank  3. Risana Lagoon  4. & 5. Tesoro Glade  6. The Keeper's Meet