Current Keep Watcher: Cry

Keep Watcher's Confidant/Advisor-

One of the most important voices within the Keep; Can and WILL sway decisions of importance.  

Current Mate:

The Right Hand-

The next to rule, should it be agreed upon by both the Confidant and current Keep Watcher. Groomed into 'perfection' as far as leadership capabilities personally by both superiors. 

Current mate:


These brave wolves are here to show exactly who and what they want to be, and how. Every day, they prove their loyalty, picking up trades and learning from the Elites.
  1. Laroche 

  2. Issun

  3. Takara

  4. Amaya

Friends of the Family

These few haven't exactly earned the entirety of the Keep's trust yet - this limits them to few options and choices in matters until they do. These limits include taking a mate, and having a say in pack decisions.

PPC Status

The activity of these few are falling! C'mon and rile them up into some action!

Elite Enforcers

Destined by rank expertise to be teachers of their trade and enforce their duty to benefit the pack. The most trusted in their special feats.

The Platinum-

The Golden- 

The Silver-

  • Apprentice- 


El babies~

Only 8 are allowed in the pack at one given time! Breed at you and your own livelihood's risk! Breeding rights by default go to the Keep Watcher and their mate.